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Wish I would’ve gotten to this sooner since it’s late to be posting, but I really love this particular message and the discussion around “being a man” and how it relates to the treatment of women as well as gay men (or anyone else perceived as “less” / equivocated with being undesirably weak)

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here’s my Sailor Moon piece, which will be on display amongst other super amazing works for Moon Crisis 2014! art show opens July 5, at Rothick Art Haus.

aftervideo of Trifecta! you can see some clips of thegrasshooper and I hooping!

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My Moonie, tonight we shall join forces and watch Sailormoon to make up for Sailormoon Saturday it’ll be Sailormoon Sunday. @kylemarshy

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wood wolves

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what projects are you currently working on?? you always seem like you're up to something crafty

making people halloween costumes/ costume peices, and I destroyed my hands making these 2 pendants this week!

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extreeeeemmee craftiiingggg!

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