Did some shots of Acedia today,  tried some new editing techniques I picked up! I think I went a bit heavy on the glow, but I like how ethereal it looks.




Studio Ghibli Poster Set - Created by Our Broken House

Available for sale on Etsy.


starry pattern I did a while back. :o)

Dolce Gabbana ss14 + hair colors | inspired by (+)



Edible Chocolate Legos


a cute answer!! what are the worst things about being a parent?

this is long so I am putting a read more break!

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How old is your son? Can he talk? What is his personality like? He looks so cute and serious all the time!

almost 2, he has started recently, he was very quiet before but he started speaking words late july, and has begun some small sentences! He is pretty serious like his father but they both have super hilarious silly outbursts and hyper times, introverted and quiet and gentle, but loves to be moving and climbing, prefers to play alone because hes very sensitive to others kids roughness, but enjoys watching others play or showing eachother things, and very good at communicating without words, and patient, but some of that is changing because of him learning words, so its a new struggle for him of trying to say what he particularly wants to do or have, and he gets frustrated when I don’t understand or get it wrong. He also is a different person with me at times because I am sort of viewed by him as an extension of himself (naturally) so sometimes he can get very controlling and upset, but most of the time he is a little gentleman. 

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tea girl from the last monster anthology.

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Art by Calmality


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